Tunnel Lining Replacement Monitoring

Tunnel lining replacement monitoring


A stretch of London Underground’s Jubilee line between Bond St and Baker St required the concrete lining to be replaced with cast steel (SGI) segments. This extremely ambitious project involved two special engineering trains replacing the lining shift by shift during engineering hours. Monitoring was required ahead of the works on temporary restraining rings, so needed to be flexible and easy to both deploy and re-deploy. Monitoring was also required immediately behind as the work progressed, as well as on the completed tunnel segments long term. In effect this required two systems in one. Data was required both for engineering review off site and live monitoring during the shift.


Senceive’s wireless tiltmeters were deployed ahead and immediately behind, leapfrogging ring by ring as the work progressed. Further rings of sensors were left behind to monitor long term stability. The system was further developed for this project, not only enabling the data to be accessed from the nearest platform at any time, as was originally required, but additionally as identified during the trials, by the engineers on the train, using a locally wireless connected portable device.



This project ran until late 2015 i.e. almost 3 years. It has been extremely successful and has won several engineering awards. The FlatMesh system has proven itself as a stable platform for monitoring in highly demanding environments and can be used tactically for short term deployment or equally in long term deployment and stable monitoring. Further awards and deployments have followed as a result of its success.