Looking back at GEO Business 2019

On day 1, Dominic Kisz, Senceive’s International Business Development Manager for Central Europe, hosted a workshop on the many innovations in wireless RCM (Remote Condition Monitoring) launched in the past 12 months alone. Throughout his talk, Dominic highlighted Senceive’s leading position in the industry, as well as the innovative work that it continues to produce. Dominic also went into detail about the range of Senceive products on offer, including the wireless FlatMesh and GeoWAN platforms, as well as the unrivalled Triaxial Tilt Sensor Node, the Nano and Nano+ Triaxial Tilt Sensor Nodes, the Optical Displacement Sensor (ODS) and the new smart In-Place Inclinometer.

Day 2 saw Senceive sponsor the Instrumentation and Monitoring Seminar, where Peter Jones, Senceive’s International Business Development Manager for the APAC region, presented a very well received seminar talk on Network Intelligence and Smart Sensors (click here for more information) The talk drew over 60 audience members and it was certainly the most popular of the I&M presentations on the day.

The stand was extremely busy from friends and new potential partners from across the globe which is particular interest with Senceive operating in over 40 countries. We were also mentioned in a number of talks over the two days, but a special thanks goes to  Matthias Gropp, Director for Monitoring at Murphy Surveys, one of our key global Monitoring Company Partners, who discussed asset monitoring and one of the largest structural monitoring projects in Europe, possibly globally, where we are working together, and where they have deployed over 3000 of our FlatMesh wireless sensors. These are measuring strain, using a bespoke 12-channel Vibrating Wire unit, as well as deformation, temperature and crack movement over a wide distance on a large complex concrete structure. The wireless sensors could well be in place for up to 6-8 years and will surely be a showcase for structural monitoring and lessons learned for the Industry.


Overall, GEO Business 2019 was a huge success for Senceive. If you missed us at the event, and would like to learn more about how Seneceive is continuing to innovate within the industry, feel free to get in touch at info@senceive.com or call us on 0207 731 826

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Recap: Instrumentation and Monitoring Conference 2019

On March 26th Senceive attended Ground Engineering’s Instrumentation and Monitoring Conference (I&M) at Cavendish Conference Centre, London. The event looks to encompass the leading minds from within the monitoring industry.

Since its last appearance at the event two years ago, Senceive has gone from strength to strength. In the past few months alone Senceive has released its Optical Displacement Sensor (ODS) product and GeoWAN wireless platform. There has also been a recent £750,000 investment from Birmingham Finance and full Network Rail acceptance for the FlatMesh product range. Now, returning as Gold Sponsors, Senceive played a prominent role at this year’s event.

At the conference, with a stand situated in a prime location across from newly announced partners, Sigicom, the company launched its IPI Wireless Interface Solution in collaboration with Soil Instruments.

In addition, Senceive also took part in two talks at the event. To begin with, the company’s Business Development Director, Aidan Laimbeer, discussed monitoring challenges and instrumentation with Tideway East Deputy I&M Manager, Stephen Diver. This was soon followed by a Sensor & Satellite Asset Alert and Management System (SSAAMS) panel, featuring Senceive Lead Engineer, Peter Graham.

Throughout the conference’s talks, Senceive also received special mentions from various speakers. Head of Specialist Monitoring Senior Technology and Innovation Manager at Amey, Andy Plumb, discussed a variety of Senceive projects; Jonathan Gammon, Advisor/Non-Executive Director for Geotechnical Observations Ltd, spoke at length about Senceive’s work on the Bexleyheath line at Barnehurst, and how it helped to avert a potential major issue; and Ignacio Menoyo, I&M Contracts Engineer at Ferrovial Laing O’Rourke (FLO), mentioned Senceive’s role in the Northern Line Extension;

After a busy day yesterday, tonight sees Senceive compete for two awards at the Construction News Specialists Awards. The company is nominated for ‘Equipment Specialist of the Year’ and ‘Innovation of the Year (non-contractor)’.

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Senceive and Sigicom Announce Global Partnership to Deliver Wireless Remote Monitoring for an Extended Range of Civil Engineering Applications

Senceive has today announced a strategic global partnership with environmental monitoring company, Sigicom, that will enable both companies to offer each other’s wireless products to their customer bases.

The Swedish business can now offer Senceive’s world- leading wireless remote condition monitoring capabilities to provide its global civil engineering and monitoring company customer base with a package for all their wireless product monitoring needs. Senceive will be able to market Sigicom’s world class environmental solutions to extend the range and provide the same package of wireless products to their similar customer base.

Senceive will provide Sigicom with a range of remote monitoring products for civil engineering applications across Construction, Rail and Mining and a choice of two global market leading wireless platforms. The FlatMesh® platform has been designed for dense deployments and can provide “Intelligent Monitoring Solutions” for an immediate triggered rapid response and aid prediction, and the GeoWAN® platform can penetrate obstacles and provide long-range capabilities of up to 15Km. All of Senceive’s wireless geo-technical structural sensors have an unrivalled performance in terms of reliability, precision and stability. In addition, they have a battery life of up to 15 years meaning that maintenance is kept to a minimum and requires no external power supply – minimising the need for an engineer to visit the site.

Sigicom supplies measurement technology for construction site monitoring. The solutions are used in key infrastructure projects as well as routine monitoring projects.

Sigicom’s equipment is robust and reliable, built to endure the harshest environments, withstanding everything from the cold Nordic winter nights to the Australian summer’s heat. Sigicom provides a complete solution for your measurements including hardware and cloud based collection and presentation of measured data. Sigicom’s INFRA system is fully automated and is controlled through INFRA Net, providing the customer with the most cost efficient solution on the market.

CEO of Senceive, Graham Smith, comments: “As a company, we are committed to working with those within the industry that we believe are true innovators. We are thrilled to be working with such a well-established wireless environmental product/solutions company such as Sigicom that has a global reputation for delivering excellence. Senceive has experienced a period of exponential growth and a huge number of successful case studies. We believe our work with Sigicom will only strengthen our efforts in developing the most innovative monitoring solutions.”

Torbjörn Rehnström, CEO of Sigicom, comments: “When it comes to products, innovation and reliability we never compromise, it comes from the DNA of Sigicom. We are excited to work together with Senceive and their innovative products as we believe in bringing the best solution to our customers. We feel confident that the collaboration will strengthen both companies and that is a win for the market as a whole”

Founded in 2005, Senceive’s wireless monitoring products/solutions are the global leaders within Rail and Construction, Transport and Mining, in providing reliable, long life, precise wireless monitoring solutions for a wide range of applications, including: buildings, earthworks, railtrack, bridges, walls, tunnels, structures, mines and much more.

Since its humble origins over three decades ago, Sigicom has grown to become one of the most trusted and sought after manufacturer of robust measurement solutions. Sigicom´s ambition is to continue to innovate and provide the market with the best solution for remote monitoring of environmental disturbances.

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Senceive Receives Six-Figure Investment from National Rail Supply Growth Fund to Support its Growth

Senceive has today announced a significant six-figure investment from the Rail Supply Growth Fund to support its continued domestic and international expansion across the rail and wider construction and mining industries.

The £750,000 investment will see the company catalyse the continued development of its intelligent condition monitoring system. In addition to increasing its workforce, it is looking to consolidate its position as the global, leading supplier of monitoring technology for the rail industry and beyond. With a wide range of applications, Senceive’s innovative wireless solutions help rail and construction clients to gain vital information and insights on the state of their infrastructure, to improve the reliability and safety of their assets and services in a highly cost-effective and robust manner. Acquiring this data quickly and easily through extremely long lasting (up to 15 years) wireless communications, enables clients to predict the state of degradation of their infrastructure assets over many years, allowing them to then make appropriate and, if necessary, rapid decisions and management choices for efficient, economic and importantly, safe operations.

The Rail Supply Growth Fund is managed by Finance Birmingham and supported by central government. It provides flexible finance to businesses across England that are focused on capitalising on opportunities across the global railway sector. The investment provided to Senceive will support its continued growth across its Business Development, R&D and Operations areas as it seeks to capitalise upon a growing range of opportunities in the global rail and construction markets.

Commenting on the investment, Senceive CEO, Graham Smith, said:
“Senceive is committed to delivering the very best and innovative monitoring solutions to all our clients within the rail and construction industries to help them improve performance and efficiency, whilst minimising risk and disruptions as well as benefiting from significant cost savings”.

Smith continued: “We work very closely with the industry and over the past few years we’ve generated real momentum with clients and industry partners. They recognise we are genuinely the best and most innovative at what we do anywhere in the world for wireless enabled condition monitoring technology in Rail and Construction. This investment from the Rail Supply Growth Fund will help us to maintain this momentum, further enhance our technology and build upon our portfolio of increasingly global clients to accelerate growth”.

Jack Glonek, Investment Director at Finance Birmingham, said:
“Senceive is an exciting example of one of the types of business the Fund is focused on supporting – a rail-focussed firm with ambitious growth plans and a dynamic management team. Finance Birmingham is proud to help a company that has significantly grown over the past three years and has ambitious future growth plans to enhance the delivery of its impressive condition monitoring solutions to a global market”.

This announcement follows another hugely successful year for Senceive which again saw over 60% growth and a significant increase its client base. In addition, the UK firm has recently been named as one of the top 100 companies to work for in the New Civil Engineer’s “NCE100 Power List” which recognises the most innovative and forward-thinking companies within civil engineering. This is as well as being named as the NCE’s “Trending 20” which recognises the top 20 most inspirational and exciting UK SMEs and dubbed “ones to look out for” this year and beyond.

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FlatMesh® Wireless Sensor System extends Network Rail Acceptance to full product range and wide range of key applications

Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance

Senceive’s FlatMesh® Wireless Sensor System has now had its Product Acceptance extended across all its products and includes most key fixed asset applications within Network Rail. This means that all of Senceive’s equipment is now accepted to monitor a wide spectrum of critical assets on Network Rail infrastructure including; railtrack, earthworks, embankments and cuttings, as well as tunnels, bridges and other structures.

Acceptance across the range from Network Rail, reinforces Senceive’s position as the provider of choice for wireless, with its global market leading FlatMesh® Wireless Sensor Platform, explicitly designed for Rail and Construction and Mining. It is safe, reliable and fit for purpose.

The full accredited Senceive product range is now extensive and includes totally wireless and mains power free, extremely long lasting, reliable sensor connectivity for all structural, geo-technical and track bed related requirements, including but not limited to; Tri-axial tilt sensors, crack sensors, Optical Displacement Sensors (ODS), full range of geotechnical sensing including the new soil moisture sensors, rail track temperature, triggered solar powered cameras and much more.

A significant feature of the sensors and systems is the ability to “intelligently trigger” or activate other sensors in the system to aid decision making. For example, automatically increasing reporting rates of sensors nearby, or allowing other systems to be activated when critical movement limits are breached. In the case of Senceive’s Intelligent Earthworks Solutions, tilt sensors measuring shallow slippage can be combined with solar powered cameras, to trigger and automatically capture images of the asset to confirm the scale of movement remotely. Cameras are fitted with powerful dual infrared illuminators, designed for operation at night and not distract train drivers.

Senceive’s sensors all have an unrivalled performance in terms of reliability and precision, but also battery life of up to 15 years. This means that maintenance is negligible and requires no external power supply – minimising the need for an engineer to visit the site.

The system works through a series of smart sensor nodes, all connected to each other via an intelligent mesh network, which relay any data on movement to solar 3G gateways and back to secure visualisation software including email and text alerts.

Founded in 2005, Senceive’s wireless monitoring solutions are the global leaders within rail and construction, transport and mining, in providing reliable, long life, precise wireless monitoring solutions for a wide ranges of applications, including: buildings, earthworks, railtrack, bridges, walls, tunnels, structures, mines and much more.

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Groundforce Shorco announce partnership with Senceive

Groundforce, part of VPPLC and a world leading supplier of trenching and shoring equipment, say that the system simplifies real-time measurement of static loads and monitors potential movements.

Senceive provide wireless Millivolt per Volt nodes, which connect to the Groundforce load pins. These nodes allow the data from load sensors to be passed wirelessly from one node to another using the FlatMesh platform and eventually the data is passed to a 3G gateway, allowing registered users to view real time data through the Senceive WebMonitor visualisation software.

Groundforce describe the benefits compared to their previous method as:

  • Updated and wireless technology
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Provides an early warning SMS text system
  • Waterproofed to IP66/68
  • A reliable, robust and accurate system

If you would like to read more about one of our exciting projects with Groundforce Shorco, please read the Case Study on the Royal College of Music.

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