Senceive and Transport for London delivered a fantastic presentation at the Smart Data and Monitoring Seminar

Aidan Laimbeer, Senceive and Neil Moss, Principal Tunnels Engineer at TfL presented on: Whole life structural monitoring of segmentally lined tunnels using integrated sensors.

This insightful talk focused on the ground-breaking embedment of Senceive’s wireless high precision sensors on the Northern Line Extension (NLE). Vibrating Wire strain gauges were used to monitor circumferential strain and Nano+ triaxial tilt sensors, which provide a repeatability of ±0.0005°, were used to monitor rotation.

This embedment of sensors offers whole life structural monitoring which allow measurement of built in stresses, and long-term seasonal performance to be determined remotely, therefore allowing informed judgement about the impact of external activities or even extending the useable life of a structure beyond its design life.

Sensors were able to provide consistent high-repeatability data within minutes of the installation of each segment, which will provide useful analysis for initial tunnel construction, as well as long term ongoing monitoring.


A special thanks to: TfL, VMT, Soil Instruments, Morgan Sindall and Ferrovial Laing O’Rourke for help with this ambitious new development.

To find out more, read July’s issue of the tunnelling journal on Senceive’s embedded wireless sensors: