FlatMesh® Wireless Sensor System extends Network Rail Acceptance to full product range and wide range of key applications

Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance

Senceive’s FlatMesh® Wireless Sensor System has now had its Product Acceptance extended across all its products and includes most key fixed asset applications within Network Rail. This means that all of Senceive’s equipment is now accepted to monitor a wide spectrum of critical assets on Network Rail infrastructure including; railtrack, earthworks, embankments and cuttings, as well as tunnels, bridges and other structures.

Acceptance across the range from Network Rail, reinforces Senceive’s position as the provider of choice for wireless, with its global market leading FlatMesh® Wireless Sensor Platform, explicitly designed for Rail and Construction and Mining. It is safe, reliable and fit for purpose.

The full accredited Senceive product range is now extensive and includes totally wireless and mains power free, extremely long lasting, reliable sensor connectivity for all structural, geo-technical and track bed related requirements, including but not limited to; Tri-axial tilt sensors, crack sensors, Optical Displacement Sensors (ODS), full range of geotechnical sensing including the new soil moisture sensors, rail track temperature, triggered solar powered cameras and much more.

A significant feature of the sensors and systems is the ability to “intelligently trigger” or activate other sensors in the system to aid decision making. For example, automatically increasing reporting rates of sensors nearby, or allowing other systems to be activated when critical movement limits are breached. In the case of Senceive’s Intelligent Earthworks Solutions, tilt sensors measuring shallow slippage can be combined with solar powered cameras, to trigger and automatically capture images of the asset to confirm the scale of movement remotely. Cameras are fitted with powerful dual infrared illuminators, designed for operation at night and not distract train drivers.

Senceive’s sensors all have an unrivalled performance in terms of reliability and precision, but also battery life of up to 15 years. This means that maintenance is negligible and requires no external power supply – minimising the need for an engineer to visit the site.

The system works through a series of smart sensor nodes, all connected to each other via an intelligent mesh network, which relay any data on movement to solar 3G gateways and back to secure visualisation software including email and text alerts.

Founded in 2005, Senceive’s wireless monitoring solutions are the global leaders within rail and construction, transport and mining, in providing reliable, long life, precise wireless monitoring solutions for a wide ranges of applications, including: buildings, earthworks, railtrack, bridges, walls, tunnels, structures, mines and much more.

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Groundforce Shorco announce partnership with Senceive

Groundforce, part of VPPLC and a world leading supplier of trenching and shoring equipment, say that the system simplifies real-time measurement of static loads and monitors potential movements.

Senceive provide wireless Millivolt per Volt nodes, which connect to the Groundforce load pins. These nodes allow the data from load sensors to be passed wirelessly from one node to another using the FlatMesh platform and eventually the data is passed to a 3G gateway, allowing registered users to view real time data through the Senceive WebMonitor visualisation software.

Groundforce describe the benefits compared to their previous method as:

  • Updated and wireless technology
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Provides an early warning SMS text system
  • Waterproofed to IP66/68
  • A reliable, robust and accurate system

If you would like to read more about one of our exciting projects with Groundforce Shorco, please read the Case Study on the Royal College of Music.

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INTERGEO 2018 – Senceive stand proud in Frankfurt

Senceive were delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s INTERGEO conference in Frankfurt, Germany. Our stand was located opposite Leica/Hexagon where we showcased our latest innovations to our visitors through our live demos.  The three day event is the world’s largest conference and leading trade fair in the field of geodesy, spatial data and land management, which was an ideal event to introduce the visitors and fellow exhibitors to our newest innovations such as the GeoWAN long-range wireless platform and the Optical Displacement Sensor (ODS).

With a growing sales team, some attending for the event for the first time, we decided to have our largest stand yet in order to present live demos. Visitors were able to interact with our wireless solutions and view measurements instantaneously on a monitor due to the ultra-fast reporting rates that we offer. We had the pleasure of receiving 100s of visitors at our stand from across the globe and the introduction of our new GeoWAN platform, which can wirelessly transmit monitoring data upto 15Km and has the ability to transmit though buildings, and the ODS proved to be a big hit.


This year’s INTERGEO has certainly been a huge success for Senceive and we would like to thank all our friends and future clients who found the time to come and talk to us and support our efforts. We very much look forward to seeing you all at next year’s conference in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Ground Engineering Transport Geotechnics 2018

Senceive were pleased to be exhibiting at Ground Engineering’s Transport Geotechnics conference in London yesterday. The conference gathered geotechnical leaders and specialists in the industry to discuss innovation and upcoming projects over the next five years. The first day of the event was a seminar where Senceive’s Aidan Laimbeer and TfL’s Neil Moss presented on: Whole life structural monitoring of segmentally lined tunnels using integrated sensors.

On the second day of the conference, Senceive had our own exhibition stand which ran live interactive demos throughout the day including our ODS (Optical Displacement Sensor), along with our ground-breaking wireless Nano+ triaxial tilt sensor and more. It was an insightful event looking into the technological developments impacting transport geotechnics and what it means for the industry as a whole. We were delighted to see old friends and make new ones within the industry. A big thank you for everyone who visited us.

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Senceive and Transport for London delivered a fantastic presentation at the Smart Data and Monitoring Seminar

Aidan Laimbeer, Senceive and Neil Moss, Principal Tunnels Engineer at TfL presented on: Whole life structural monitoring of segmentally lined tunnels using integrated sensors.

This insightful talk focused on the ground-breaking embedment of Senceive’s wireless high precision sensors on the Northern Line Extension (NLE). Vibrating Wire strain gauges were used to monitor circumferential strain and Nano+ triaxial tilt sensors, which provide a repeatability of ±0.0005°, were used to monitor rotation.

This embedment of sensors offers whole life structural monitoring which allow measurement of built in stresses, and long-term seasonal performance to be determined remotely, therefore allowing informed judgement about the impact of external activities or even extending the useable life of a structure beyond its design life.

Sensors were able to provide consistent high-repeatability data within minutes of the installation of each segment, which will provide useful analysis for initial tunnel construction, as well as long term ongoing monitoring.


A special thanks to: TfL, VMT, Soil Instruments, Morgan Sindall and Ferrovial Laing O’Rourke for help with this ambitious new development.

To find out more, read July’s issue of the tunnelling journal on Senceive’s embedded wireless sensors:


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