Cost Effective Asset Monitoring with Senceive’s Innovative Sensor Range

Senceive’s FlatMesh platform addresses the monitoring needs of Rail and Construction as well as Mining asset users with its innovative and easy to use wireless solution which interfaces to a wide range of geo-technical sensors.

Furthermore, it utilises highly resilient wireless communications through mains power free/solar cellular backhaul or flexible and resilient sub surface industrial monitoring hubs. It also provides easy to use data visualisation tools of its own through WebMonitor or is linked to customers own specific software.

Importantly, Senceive’s 3rd generation FlatMesh platform is built on the back of 10 years of deployments in tough and demanding applications, is explicitly designed to address the needs of  challenging environments. It is highly scalable with a huge range of geo-technical sensor types and now incorporates interconnectivity with image technology.

It has a globally unrivalled battery life of 12-15 years powering high precision sensors, even when frequent 15-20 min reporting rates are required.

Brochure cover

FlatMesh brochure (v1.0, PDF: 7 MB)


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