Senceive has proven products that have been tried and tested both by ourselves and our clients in Rail and Construction over many years. Senceive solutions are ‘product accepted’ for use by Network Rail, London Underground and Tubelines, and are being deployed or used every week in one or other of their assets.

We have even won the prestigious International Tunnelling award for Product Innovation. With our highly skilled team of developers we have been able to develop or customise solutions alongside our partners based on their requirements for multiple sensor types and for specific environments or conditions.

Our core focus is on monitoring assets for the Rail and Construction Industries. These are based on improving the quality and reliability of data for assets that are traditionally not easy to measure without regular human intervention/inspection or expensive or difficult to access wired or other visual based solutions.

These monitored assets include;

  • Trackbed: Cant and Twist, Longitudinal Settlement
  • Tunnels: Deformation, Longitudinal Settlement / Heave, Strain and Load, Roll, Crack
  • Bridges, Walls, Piles and Structures: Movement, Tilt, Crack, Strain
  • Earthworks: Slippage, Settlement, Ground Water

All to understand wear and tear and improve predictive failure and maintenance. There is huge versatility in the use of this technology and in Senceive’s core capabilities and we welcome the opportunity to explore any particular needs you may have beyond our core product offerings today.