Monitoring, data and knowledge are at the heart of making better decisions on assets. Understanding the state of an organisation’s assets facilitates efficient, economic and safe operations. Substantial economies can be gained by the Rail and Construction industry in being able to monitor and predict degradation, schedule remedial action or to react quickly to accidents.

Senceive’s core benefit to customers is in providing;

Safety Enhancing

  • Eliminating time on or near track / construction
  • Easy to install, set-up and use
  • Wire and mains power free

Minimal Whole Life Cost

  • Same units re-usable for multiple applications
  • Operational battery life of 12-15 years
  • Maintenance and calibration free
  • Reliable and proven over many years in field

Accurate, High Resolution, Stable and Repeatable

  • High precision sensors
  • Easy to use web based visualisation
  • Multi-level text and email alerts

Innovation and Intelligence

  • Innovate with / for clients
  • Integrated imaging and wireless solutions
  • Integrated intelligence supports decisions

Our systems are remotely configurable and customisable. They facilitate predictive remote asset maintenance, where plant can be replaced on schedule – before catastrophic failures occur – based on observations of data trends.