Senceive’s Wireless Monitoring Solutions for Tunnelling are up for Three Awards

Senceive are pleased to announce that we have been nominated for two New Civil Engineer Tunnelling Awards for the categories: Innovation in Instrumentation & Monitoring Award (Product Specialist) and Innovation in Technical Product or Equipment Award. Senceive have been recognised for our capabilities of monitoring long term assets such as the Botlek Railway Tunnel where IV Infra will be monitoring for 25 years using Senceive solutions. The awards are a celebration of the very best in Tunnelling expertise and the winners will be announced on 6th December at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London. We are also excited to be selected as finalists for the International Tunnelling Awards (ITA) for the category: Technical Product/Equipment Innovation of the Year. This year’s ceremony will be held in Chuzhou-Nanjing, China and Senceive are proud to be the only UK company to be shortlisted in the whole event. We have been nominated in recognition of Senceive’s leading FlatMesh wireless platform which uses a wireless mesh-networked, intelligent sensor system consisting of a collection of easy to deploy small devices, equipped with sensing, communication and computation capabilities working co-operatively and intelligently to enable monitoring of complex layouts or challenging and difficult to access environments.

With the recent launch of our new complementary IoT Long-range wireless platform GeoWAN, which builds upon the strengths of our exiting proven FlatMesh platform, this year is set to be an exciting one for Senceive as we continue to set the standard for wireless RCM across the world.