Intelligent Monitoring Solutions (IMS)


Our wireless Intelligent Monitoring Solutions (IMS) are used to enable instant/rapid decision making and enhance prediction to support immediate identification of early signs of structural and geotechnical failure and fatigue. Whether earthworks slippage risks, rail track movement, structural collapse or deformation. This early prediction clearly minimises risks in dangerous areas, saves time and money and allows for preventative work to be done to limit disruption.

Senceive’s wireless IMS provides automatic, long-life, robust, reliable and near real-time monitoring. The ability to automatically trigger key parameters, using our smart algorithms, provides smart localised “Big-Data” for a site to aid prediction of failure and prevent potential catastrophe.


This “smart and intelligent triggering” can only be achieved with Senceive’s FlatMesh® technology. Other LoRa or point to point/star systems cannot carry out these comprehensive, immediate and interconnected triggering demands.

Furthermore, compared to other types of monitoring systems, a wireless solution is typically far more cost effective and less labour intensive than other remote solutions. It does not require mains power, can operate autonomously and if necessary be remotely configured from anywhere in the world.

All the robust sensors have been explicitly designed for harsh environments, so they are waterproof, durable and built for longevity with an unrivalled battery life of up to 15 years.


The scalable IMS systems are ideally suited to all geotechnical and structural applications in urban or remote locations where rapid decision making is required.

They are completely mains power free, wireless and autonomous with practically no maintenance required at all. The products are virtually ‘plug and play’, which allows for ease of installation and flexibility for redeployments.

The versatile and reliable systems also give clients control of their data and setup if desired, by allowing registered users to remotely access their systems.

However, assistance is always on hand from our experienced, practical dedicated telephone and field support customer support team who operate a round the clock 24/7 (with notice) approach to helping our clients globally.