Wireless Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) solutions provide a digital, automated alternative to traditional, manual methods of condition monitoring. These highly adaptable solutions are ideal for the condition based monitoring of various geotechnical and structural assets.

Senceive’s condition monitoring solutions offer:

– 24/7 asset condition monitoring
– A wireless condition monitoring system – comms and mains power free
– Long battery life (up to 15 years) and robust design reduces the need for costly maintenance visits
– Control of trigger levels and reporting rates of monitored parameters
– SMS and email alerts if thresholds are triggered
– The condition monitoring system offers the ability to interface with third party sensors and visualisation software.

What sets our solutions apart is not just the precision of a wireless condition monitoring sensor, or the range of our communication platforms, but the confidence you can have that the system will work on the day it is installed and will be working a decade later.

There are other condition monitoring companies out there, but Senceive are the world leaders in wireless condition monitoring solutions. Want to know more? Explore our website further or call us on +44 (0)207 731 8269 to speak with one of our condition monitoring experts.