Looking back at GEO Business 2019

On day 1, Dominic Kisz, Senceive’s International Business Development Manager for Central Europe, hosted a workshop on the many innovations in wireless RCM (Remote Condition Monitoring) launched in the past 12 months alone. Throughout his talk, Dominic highlighted Senceive’s leading position in the industry, as well as the innovative work that it continues to produce. Dominic also went into detail about the range of Senceive products on offer, including the wireless FlatMesh and GeoWAN platforms, as well as the unrivalled Triaxial Tilt Sensor Node, the Nano and Nano+ Triaxial Tilt Sensor Nodes, the Optical Displacement Sensor (ODS) and the new smart In-Place Inclinometer.

Day 2 saw Senceive sponsor the Instrumentation and Monitoring Seminar, where Peter Jones, Senceive’s International Business Development Manager for the APAC region, presented a very well received seminar talk on Network Intelligence and Smart Sensors (click here for more information) The talk drew over 60 audience members and it was certainly the most popular of the I&M presentations on the day.

The stand was extremely busy from friends and new potential partners from across the globe which is particular interest with Senceive operating in over 40 countries. We were also mentioned in a number of talks over the two days, but a special thanks goes to  Matthias Gropp, Director for Monitoring at Murphy Surveys, one of our key global Monitoring Company Partners, who discussed asset monitoring and one of the largest structural monitoring projects in Europe, possibly globally, where we are working together, and where they have deployed over 3000 of our FlatMesh wireless sensors. These are measuring strain, using a bespoke 12-channel Vibrating Wire unit, as well as deformation, temperature and crack movement over a wide distance on a large complex concrete structure. The wireless sensors could well be in place for up to 6-8 years and will surely be a showcase for structural monitoring and lessons learned for the Industry.


Overall, GEO Business 2019 was a huge success for Senceive. If you missed us at the event, and would like to learn more about how Seneceive is continuing to innovate within the industry, feel free to get in touch at info@senceive.com or call us on 0207 731 826