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FlexiMeasure is a lightweight inclinometer engineered for structural monitoring applications. 

Multiple segments can be connected in series to form a chain of flexibly coupled sensors. Because FlexiMeasure uses triaxial sensors it can be installed in any orientation.

The system is suitable for many monitoring applications including:

  • Tunnel distortion and convergence
  • Tunnel heave/settlement
  • Structural movement
  • Consolidation and compaction 
  • Shape/stability - profile monitoring
FlexiMeasure installation in tunnel
500mm FlexiMeasure segment
FlexiMeasure masonry fixing
Vertical application on retaining wall
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  • Light weight carbon fibre construction
  • Operates in any orientation
  • Ultra-low power consumption – can operate indefinitely with a small solar panel
  • Quick-connect segments – length of overall chain can be determined on site and adjusted to suit requirements
  • Joints are flexible so a string of segments can be fitted to bridge or tunnel arches
  • Auto segment sequence detection
  • Extremely low noise performance
  • Low profile and discreet
  • Resolution of 0.0001°(0.0018 mm/m) and repeatability of ±0.0005°(±0.009 mm/m)
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Waterproof to 200 m depth
  • Compliant with EMC Standards for railway trackside equipment
  • Available in different lengths to suit specific requirements
  • Segments can be re-used in different applications and configurations

FlexiMeasure - FS-FXMxxxx


Physical specifications

Parameter Value
Length 0.5 m, 1 m, 2 m, 3m
Total Mass 250 g for 1 m segment
Housing Material Carbon fibre and stainless steel 316
(BS EN 60529: 1992 + A2: 2013)
IP68 at 200 m water depth pressure for 24 hours
Mounting Options Inclinometer casing and structural
Operating temperature range -40°C to +85°C

Tilt Sensor Specifications

Parameter Value
Resolution 0.0001° (0.00175mm/m)
Repeatability ±0.0005° (±0.0087mm/m)
Range ±90°
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For more information on FlexiMeasure - our lightweight inclinometer for monitoring applications, call +44 (0) 207 731 8269 or email [email protected]