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InfraGuard: Responsive Critical Asset Monitoring

Dan Miller gives an overview of Senceive InfraGuard™ - the responsive monitoring solution for sudden event detection and intelligent alerting. He describes the key elements of the package and the unique advantages it brings to asset owners. Learn about a system that:  

  • is smart enough to wake up within seconds of a sudden event such as a landslip, sending alerts to remote stakeholders in time to act   
  • gives you eyes on the situation before you can get boots on the ground – thanks to integrated cameras  
  • has the built-in intelligence to prioritise alerts based on the severity of the event  
  • can be installed in hours and perform many years into the future 

Key Topics:

  • Infrastructure asset management
  • What is InfraGuard™
  • How does it work
  • Case studies
  • Summary and Q&A