Other Sensor Types

Senceive has been involved in a number of funded projects that demonstrate the wide application of the technology across multiple sectors and environments. These include moving rail platforms/bogies, the heritage sector, mining and the built environment. Not all of these applications and sensor types have been converted into market ready products but we are more than happy to discuss joint development if anyone is interested in extensions to our product range.

Light Sensor

The Light Sensor measures light levels, and can be used for example in display cases of light sensitive artefacts or similar as used in Charlecote Park.

The National Trust: Light Monitoring in Heritage Building (v1.0, PDF: 437 KB)

Pollution Sensor

This Sensor detects the levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Formaldehyde in the air, as used by the British Museum.

The British Museum: Pollutant Monitoring in Museum Display Collection (v1.0, PDF: 590 KB)

Humidity Sensor

The Humidity Sensor detects humidity levels, as used by the Tower of London.

Tower of London: Moisture Monitoring in the Heritage Building (v1.0, PDF: 736 KB)