Structural monitoring is the process of commissioning specialist equipment to monitor and assess the structural condition of engineering structures and infrastructure such as bridges, rail track and buildings. “Assessing” structural health of an asset is defined as monitoring changes to the mechanical/geometric properties of a structural system or element of a structure e.g. temperature, strain, inclination etc. which adversely affect that asset’s performance.

Previously Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) was done over a period of time using measurements taken from a variety of sensors and/or manual readings, then applying statistical analysis to these readings in order to determine the current state of health in contrast to base readings. In the event of implementing a long-term structural monitoring system; measurements are required at regular intervals using the same sensors or methods to give the most accurate overview, which typically involves regular site visits.

Senceive’s wireless structural monitoring solutions have developed as a result of rapid advancements in the fields of data-driven technologies, IoT and the development of low power sensors. Senceive uniquely offers two platforms to suit different types of site requiring structural monitoring: FlatMesh® for dense deployments and provides a fully scalable solution that allows integration of many types of sensors, and GeoWAN® which is a star topography, can penetrate obstacles and provides long-range capability of up to 15Km, making it ideal for remote locations and buried assets.

Senceive’s Wireless Structural Monitoring Solutions combines: low power and ultra-long life; low energy intelligent computing; high precision, high stability and high-resolution sensors. Senceive has a relentless focus on R&D with outstanding customer service and technical support, and is applying its know-how and expertise to solving challenging and difficult structural and geotechnical monitoring problems.

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