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Construction Monitoring

Team Senceive North America

Published Wed 7th Dec 2022

Manage your liabilities to third parties using sensors that are discreet and non-disruptive.

Impacts from adjacent construction activity are a legitimate concern on many projects. Varying ground and structural conditions can lead to unintended consequences to third party assets at a job site. Ensuring that liquidated damages are not incurred by having to temporarily shut down a project, delaying delivery, is a high priority for any company looking to preserve profit margins.

Wireless remote condition monitoring has been demonstrated to help project managers and other stakeholders manage risk and reduce cost by:

  1. Providing early warning of any movement or distress in time to act before it becomes a safety or structural issue
  2. Quantifying both the impact of your project on neighboring buildings and infrastructure and the impact of activity by others on your project – in both cases improving your case in the event of a dispute. 

Instrumentation and monitoring, used for this purpose, must be both reliable as well as easy to use. Senceive systems are:

  • Rugged - working reliably in snow, rain, and other harsh weather conditions
  • 24/7 - a wireless system with a battery life of 10-15 years that offers real-time information when a change occurs
  • Versatile – Operating without a need for line of sight, your eyes and ears on site, without needing feet on the ground

All of this means that Senceive systems produce fewer false positive alerts, greatly reducing mobilizations as well as site shutdowns. 

With a proven track record, a variance to conventional system specifications can be easily obtained, particularly considering the lower price point of implementing the Senceive system. Not forgetting the versatility of the system allowing it to be reused in different places as the project progresses, furthermore, utilized again on different projects.  We can help or connect you to one of our service providers to guide you through the process.

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