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Emergency Response Monitoring

Data When You Need It Most


Be ready. Be informed. Be remote.

When you need to respond to an emergency, you need to know what is happening – Senceive remote monitoring technology provides fast, reliable asset data before, during and after emergency events. Be ready to deploy robust wireless sensors to measure movement of structures, water level and detect landslides – without returning to site.

Extreme Event Monitoring

  • Hurricanes & Named Storms
  • Floods
  • High Velocity Water Events
  • Landslides
  • Seismic Events
  • High Wind Events
  • Blasts & Explosions

What will it tell me?

Monitor ongoing movement in near real-time. Assess the stability of damaged buildings, bridges, dams and more. Monitor water levels or washout of flood defenses. Detect impact damage, scour and landslides. Receive precise data and critical alerts, and by adding our InfraGuard™ monitoring solution, get photos of the site.

Keep your wireless monitoring kit in-house, charged and ready to deploy when and where you need information to protect people and infrastructure.

What’s in the kit?

All our kits come with the core elements needed to deploy a wireless monitoring system. They also come with the flexibility to choose different types of sensor and components to suit your needs, whether for at-risk structures such as bridges or dams, for buildings, or for earthworks such as levees or embankments.

Precise. Portable. Flexible.

Installation is quick and simple and you’ll get precise online data and automated alerts almost immediately – including from locations that are challenging or dangerous to reach. Set alert thresholds and use cellular cameras to see what’s happening 24/7.

Example Kit Components

Customizable to Customer / Event Monitoring Requirements

  Triaxial Tilt Nodes & Brackets
  Crack Sensor Node
  Optical Displacement + Tilt Sensor Node
  Gateway Device & Solar Panel
  Camera (4G) with Dynamic Response Trigger

Senceive Emergency Response Monitoring Solutions provide near realtime data within moments of a trigger event when deployed on high-risk structures.

Safety: Reduce boots on ground post-emergency

Near Real-Time Data: Enabling rapid response

Eyes on the Site: Detect post-emergency secondary movement

Ease of Installation: Cable free sensors, solar powered gateway, quick installation with no need for calibration

Chester City Walls – Structural Monitoring
Created on Sat 19th Feb 2022
United Kingdom
Notre Dame Cathedral - Restoration Works
Created on Thu 5th Aug 2021
Roya Valley - Flood Disaster
Created on Mon 12th Apr 2021
Bazergues - Emergency Dam Monitoring
Created on Mon 26th Oct 2020

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