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Although they work in different industries, our clients share common risks and challenges.

Senceive’s wireless monitoring solutions are engineered explicitly to address those challenges and deliver clear benefits across a range of applications:


Complex infrastructure, rail and mining assets are expensive to build and maintain

They are also crucial to the running of society. With the insights gained from instant alerts and automated continuous monitoring, we empower our partners to make critical decisions, plan their responses, and ultimately, protect at-risk assets.

Key benefits:

  • Leverage instant data to do the right thing at the right time
  • Safely extend the life of an asset
  • Prevent costly, reactive intervention


Assets can be monitored in a variety of ways, but not all monitoring is created equal

Our remote systems minimise the need for site visits - an up to 80% cost reduction when compared to frequent manual monitoring. In addition, the long-term durability of our products means our clients’ whole-life costs are 20% to 50% lower than any competitive wireless solutions.

Key benefits:

  • Receive instant alerts to dispersed teams
  • Gain deeper insights into events via automatically triggered measurements and corroboration via camera imaging
  • Access around-the-clock support


Failure of critical assets presents a threat to life

Sending people to site to perform geotechnical and structural monitoring can be costly and dangerous. Our reliable, easy-to-use and long-lasting products, both reduce the time users spend at risk on site and mitigate the risks of potential failure with early warnings of distress or movement.

Key benefits:

  • Install monitoring systems quickly
  • Access data instantly and resolve issues remotely
  • Avoid the need for site visits for a decade