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Enhance safety. Increase productivity.

Monitor with precise, robust technology for more efficient mining

Wireless remote condition monitoring delivers near real-time updates and automated alerts to enable proactive risk management. Install a variety of sensors with ease and adapt as your needs change.

Five reasons to choose wireless remote monitoring

Protect people and infrastructure

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How it works

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Triaxial Tilt Sensor Nodes

GeoWANTM wireless tilt sensors mounted on stakes to detect rotational ground movement. They send scheduled data updates and can trigger automated alarms when thresholds are breached.

Our GeoWANTM platform option has a 15 km range and is ideal for open pit mines where sensors are more widely dispersed.

FlatMeshTM 4G Camera

The solar-powered 4G Camera can take great quality black and white photos of your site day or night. It can be set to take photos at regular intervals, on demand or when triggered by movements detected in nearby sensors.


Intelligent FlatMeshTM tilt sensors mounted on stakes detect rotational movement in the tailings dam slope. They detect incremental deformation as well as sudden events as they happen, regardless of the pre-set sampling schedule.

When a camera is integrated, users get scheduled photos, as well as immediate photos during sudden events.

GeoWAN 4G Gateway

The GeoWANTM Gateway collates data from tilt meters and other geotechnical and structural sensors.

With a 15km range, the Gateway transmits data from sensors to a secure cloud-based platform using an ethernet connection or cellular network. Typically one Gateway can cover an entire monitoring zone.

Vibrating Wire Sensor Nodes with strain gauges

The Vibrating Wire Sensor Node supports a variety of interface sensors such as crack or strain gauges and extensometers.

Here it is connected to a strain gauge and prevents the need for manual monitoring by transmitting data over a wireless network.

Crack Sensor Node

The Crack Sensor Node monitors displacement across a crack or a joint. Here it is monitoring the movement of a crack on the tunnel surface.

Optical Displacement Sensor Node

The ODS combines a tilt meter and a laser displacement sensor. Together they provide information about the stability of the structure the sensor is fixed to and the relative movement of a target structure.

In a tunnel, ODS nodes are normally installed in a triangular configuration to measures tunnel convergence.

Nano Triaxial Tilt Sensor Nodes

The FlatMeshTM Nano is a wireless tilt meter for precise measurement of rotational movement in a compact, robust enclosure. With no external antenna, the Nano is ideal for the most challenging environments. It offers NFC for user-interaction.

Here it is monitoring the structural stability of a conveyor belt, tower, catch fence, and processing plant.

Vibrating Wire Sensor Node with nested piezometers

An interface node that supports a variety of sensors such as crack or strain gauges and extensometers. Here it is connected to borehole piezometers, transmitting data on pore water pressure and groundwater level.

Applications include the use of wireless tilt meters to monitor:

Open pits & stockpiles • Tailings dams • Mine processing facilities • Transport infrastructure • And more
  1. Tailing dam integrity can be monitored using a range of instruments at the surface and deployed in boreholes to measure movement and conditions such as water pressure that can provide early warning of instability.

  2. Innovative solutions such as InfraGuard™ monitor the stability and safety of slopes to send you alerts of small-scale movement that could indicate the early signs of a failure, with graded alerts of further movement, backed-up by photographic images.

  3. Below ground, a combination of wireless monitoring sensors including optical displacement sensors and tilt meters can provide insight on tunnel convergence and divergence.

Senceive users have a choice of two well-proven communication platforms.

Both platforms enable you to deploy monitoring systems with no trailing cables and virtually no maintenance.

The intelligent FlatMesh™ platform provides highly responsive monitoring built on a robust mesh network connecting a high density of sensors of mixed types, with reporting at sub-minute intervals. Available with intelligent and triggered sampling rates.

The GeoWAN™ platform is the logical choice for longer-range deployments, where sensors can be located up to 15 km from a Gateway. This point-to-point platform is ideal for challenging environments and capable of “seeing through” solid obstructions.

Senceive wireless monitoring technology is deployed on mining sites worldwide. Explore our case studies:

Volakas Quarry – Open Pit and Underground Mine Monitoring
Created on Tue 8th Mar 2022
Mt Carlton Gold Mine - Deformation Monitoring
Created on Fri 15th Jan 2021

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