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Your wireless solution for rail and infrastructure monitoring.

Our products meet the highest standards of precision, reliability and durability and are ideal for complex and challenging environments both above and below ground.

How it works

Long-life wireless sensors monitor movement and a range of structural and geotechnical parameters. Data is sent to a Gateway through one of our two communication platform options – FlatMeshTM or GeoWANTM. From there it is relayed to our cloud-based portal - WebMonitorTM or to third party visualisation software.

Why choose wireless monitoring?

Protect people and assets
Get early warning of distress and defects without leaving your desk.

Helping you tackle your monitoring challenges

Ideal where space is limited.

Long life
15 year battery life means reduced site visits.

No trailing wires.

Quick and Simple
Installed in minutes by non-specialists.

Save money through reduced site-visits.
Optimise long-term maintainence.

Move sensors.
Integrate third-party sensors.
Change settings without leaving your desk.

Our product range

Tilt Sensors
Understand the behaviour and condition of assets by monitoring movement to a precision of 0.0001° without visiting site. Tilt meter nodes are used for short and long-term monitoring for up to 15 years - with minimal maintenance.
Imaging and Cameras
Send images to remote stakeholders on a pre-set schedule or when triggered by sudden movement. Deployed as part of the InfraGuardTM solution, the camera provides eyes on site immedietly if a potential problem has been detected.
Optical Displacement Sensor
Combines a precise tilt meter with a laser displacement sensor to determine the stability of the structure to which it is mounted and to measure changes in distance to another structure.
The integrated wireless monitoring solution to protect valuable, vulnerable assets. Widely used for early detection of slope failures, InfraGuard combines smart tilt meters, automated cameras, and multiple alert levels.
Sensor Interface Range
Sensor interface nodes enable users to integrate a wide range of Senceive and third party geotechnical and structural sensors into a wireless remote monitoring system.
Data Comms
Senceive users can choose from a number of communications gateway options for different applications and sites. Their role is to collate and forward data from sensor networks to the internet.
FlatMeshTM and GeoWANTM Platforms
To enable wireless monitoring in the widest range of environments we offer two distinct communications platforms.

FlatMeshTM is the natural choice for dense sensor configurations, high frequency reporting and intelligent, responsive operation. GeoWANTM has a longer range of up to 15 km and is ideal where sensors are more widely dispersed.
Data Visualisation
WebMonitorTM is a secure, easy-to-use, web-based data access system connecting users with monitoring solutions in the field. Remote configuration options include site images, calculations, alert triggers and data transfer to third party software.