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We lead the world in the design, manufacture and continuous improvement of wireless condition monitoring technology.

Our precise, durable and robust products have been engineered in direct response to the demands of rail, construction and mining environments. By providing repeatable, high-quality data on the structural and geotechnical condition of assets, we empower our clients to proceed with confidence.

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Our technology monitors assets in some of the world’s most complex and potentially dangerous environments. For that reason, we only develop products that meet the highest standards of precision, reliability and durability.
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Data must be highly accurate and accessible in order to be valuable. That’s why everything we do is about enabling our partners to monitor assets economically, through easy-to-use technology and with unrivalled customer support.
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The possibilities for intelligent monitoring are immense. By both investing heavily in research and development and nurturing a culture of continuous invention, we develop smart technology that is focused completely on solving our clients’ problems.

Harnessing intelligent monitoring technology to keep people and infrastructure safe

Der Eisenbahningenieur 2021: Wireless Condition Monitoring – Überwachung ohne lange Leitung
New support for Senceive North America
Instrumentation & Monitoring Conference 2021 in London, UK
Cautus Geo AS

We use a wide range of measurement systems, and we must have sensors we can trust. The sensors from Senceive have proven to be of very good quality. They can withstand ‘Norwegian conditions’ with periods of heavy precipitation and large temperature changes. They have a long battery life, are very robust and very accurate.

Case Study
Monitoring of the Montserrat Rack Railway
Cadiz Spain: Track Monitoring

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