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What is Intelligent Slope Monitoring Technology?

Jacqueline Jenkin

Published Thu 7th Jul 2022

Senceive has taken the application of wireless remote monitoring technology to a new level with a dedicated solution for slope and earthworks management.

An intelligent earthworks solution responds automatically to changes on site to send a customised series of alerts and imagery to stakeholders. Installed in hours and capable of operating with minimal maintenance for more than a decade, a remote monitoring system is ideal for applications where:

  • Sites are remote and access is challenging
  • Slope stability issues present significant risks, making it vital to get early warning of movement
  • It is valuable to get long-term insight to predict and prevent future problems.

The biggest user so far has been the rail sector, where undetected landslips can bring danger and disruption to the network. In the UK, Network Rail is installing remote monitoring systems on slopes that have been identified as being at-risk, often because of extreme rainfall events associated with changing weather patterns.

How it works

In a typical slope monitoring application, wireless sensors operate in a low power, long life mode in which they report their status every 30 minutes and periodically upload a site photo. In the event of ground movement outside pre-set thresholds, sampling will accelerate and alerts will be sent to stakeholders. Network Rail has adopted intelligent monitoring technology on a large scale; they have deployed thousands of sensors and built a response management framework to make slope stability monitoring and management safer and more efficient.

Slope monitoring solutions primarily use tilt meters to detect movement and cameras to provide a snapshot of a site – but other sensors can be integrated too. No solution is perfect in isolation and movement data is often integrated with water level monitoring and weather data. Because changing soil moisture levels have a fundamental impact on slope stability, many users choose to integrate borehole piezometers into their wireless system to get frequent data without visiting site.

The Senceive difference

The solution we offer is unique. It is built around FlatMesh™ - the most reliable and responsive radio mesh platform for challenging site conditions. That means it is:

  • Quick to install, and quick to respond to changes on site
  • Flexible - include other sensor types, modify the deployment to fit changing needs, re-use equipment at different sites
  • Reliable - built on a foundation of 15 years of continuous improvement and proven and approved in the most demanding applications, including railways.

For more visit our railway page. 

Watch our intelligent earthworks animation here.

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