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Dam Safety Conference 2021, USA

Location: Music City Center in Nashville, TN

Date: Event was 1 year 4 months ago

Dam Safety 2021 will return to an in-person format at the Music City Center in Nashville where you will have the opportunity to meet Senceive’s Head of Global Distributor Partnerships Chris Gairns face-to-face, too.

Dams are varied, composite structures exposed to changing environmental conditions. They move in response to these conditions and, for the most part, this movement is within acceptable limits.

Understanding and monitoring dam movement is particularly important for dams considered to be at-risk. To determine what is significant, it is vital to first establish normal parameters. Building this platform of baseline data requires representative sampling, precision and repeatability.

Wireless systems can integrate movement sensors with automated cameras and geotechnical and structural logging instruments such as piezometers and crack gauges for added insight.

Already widely used in safety critical sectors such as rail, the wider adoption of IMS technology by dam engineers will enable data driven decision-making to save money, protect infrastructure and people.

Read about how a rapid response monitoring solution helped protect infrastructure and local people in this Dam Case Study

When: 12 -15 September 2021
Where: Music City Center in Nashville, TN
Event has also an on-demand component

Created on: Mon 28th Jun 2021

Dam Safety Conference 2021