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Slope Stability 2022

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Date: Event was 3 months 1 week ago

The Geotechnical Center of Excellence at the University of Arizona is hosting the Slope Stability 2022 Symposium at the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona October 17-22, 2022.

The symposium theme is Leveraging our Past for a Stable Future. This symposium is an international event that is held every two years at different locations around the world.  The event brings Slope Stability experts together from around the world to share learnings, technology, and innovations.


We will be exhibiting at the event and showcasing our InfraGuard slope protection system.  Visit us at Booth 27 to find out more about this system that:


  • is smart enough to wake up within seconds of a sudden event such as a landslip, sending alerts to remote stakeholders in time to act 
  • gives you eyes on the situation before you can get boots on the ground – thanks to integrated cameras 
  • has the built-in intelligence to prioritise alerts based on the severity of the event 
  • can be installed in hours and perform for many years

InfraGuard™ not only tells you what your assets are doing - it shows you.  Smart tilt sensors respond to movement to give you immediate insight of an event at a remote site.  You will get alerts of small-scale movement which could indicate the early signs of a slope or structural failure, and graded alerts of further movement, backed-up by photographic images.  With a proven track record of detecting potentially disruptive and dangerous events, InfraGuard can be your eyes and ears on site, without needing feet on the ground.


Find out more about the event here.

Created on: Thu 15th Sep 2022