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FlatMesh Camera

FlatMesh Camera

The FlatMesh Camera is a fully integrated product combining a digital camera, 3G modem and FlatMesh network radio node. It provides high-quality and robust visual monitoring capability as an integral part of the FlatMesh network.

Dual infrared illuminators ensure that the camera is capable of taking clear images at night and in low light conditions. The integration of a solar panel and rechargeable battery ensures that the camera can be deployed at remote locations without mains power supply.

*The FlatMesh Camera is currently only available in Europe*

FlatMesh Camera
FlatMesh Camera
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  • Can be triggered to take an image via the FlatMesh Web Monitor or by a message initiated by Senceive’s dual-axis tilt sensor nodes and passed over the FlatMesh wireless communications network
  • Dual illuminators for good image quality in low light conditions
  • Choice of lens types i.e. wide or narrow for different site conditions, depending on the length of the site and the positioning of the camera
  • Integrated 3G modem for high speed image upload
  • Fully integrated solar charging circuit connected to internal rechargeable lithium battery pack (no external battery pack)
  • Invisible infrared illuminators for simple and error-free installation. The use of infra-red means there is no visual disturbance for personnel in the vicinity
  • Temperature sensor and battery monitor
  • Weatherproof to IP66

FlatMesh Camera - FM3C-HSPA


Physical specifications

Parameter Value
* Approximate values only
Dimensions excluding pole bracket 336 x 174 x 302 mm
Dimensions including pole bracket 356 x 305 x 302 mm
Total Mass 5.6 kg*
Housing Material Extruded aluminium with plastic end caps
International Protection Marking IP66
Mounting Options

Wall mounting bracket included with one-screw rotation and tilt adjustment

Pole mounting bracket adaptor also available

Operating Temperature Range  -20°C to +60°C

Imaging Specifications

Parameter Value
Maximum Image Resolution 1600 x 1200 pixels
Shutter Type Rolling shutter
Scanning Progressive
Lens Focal Length

3.6 mm for standard configuration

Other configurations also available

Compression Format JPEG

Infrared Illuminator Specifications

Parameter Value
* Consult with Senceive for your application
Power 48W
Wavelength 940 nm (invisible to the human eye)
Beam Angle 60° wide, 25° high for standard configuration
Other configurations are available
Range Approximately 80 - 100 m daytime, approximately 60 m night-time in standard configuration*
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