Whether it be monitoring short or long term track bed twist and cant, embankment slippage or soil saturation, bridge condition, buildings or retaining walls movement, load, strain or tilt, through to tunnel deformation assessment during repair or replacement, Senceive’s systems are designed for challenging, wire and totally power free deployment.

100’s of our systems have been deployed over 13 years making Senceive the most experienced wireless RCM provider for Rail and Construction globally.

FlatMesh™ GeoWAN™
Unrivalled, 3rd generation intelligent flexible mesh network monitoring platform/architecture Newly launched long-range point to point wireless platform, which can “see through” buildings
Up to 300m range, in optimum conditions Up to 15km range, in optimum conditions and typically 1-2km in busier urban environments
Battery life of up to 15 years Battery life of up to 15 years
  • Best for dense wireless sensor node deployments
  • Faster and adjustable sampling/reporting rates down to 1 or 2 seconds
  • Adjustable reporting rate down to 30 secs to 1 min
  • Faster reporting rates will impact number of node in network and throughput
Fully remotely configurable Remotely configurable, but more limited bandwidth available
  • Intelligent and triggered sampling rates based on real movement of sensors and minimises human intervention
  • Functions as Intelligent Earthworks Solution with multiple tilt and other geotechnical sensors with triggered solar 3G cameras (FlatMesh™ only)
No triggered sensing from other nodes in the network
Solar powered 3G gateways avoid mains power and easier in more remote locations or where difficult/costly to run cabling. Backup gateways possible Mains powered gateways only. Backup gateways possible
Interfaces with existing full range of geotechnical and structural sensors Interfaces with existing full range of geotechnical and structural sensors
Main Applications:

  • Large scale Tunnels
  • Rail Trackbed monitoring
  • Bridges, Walls, Piles, Structures and many more
  • Geotechnical earthworks and soil water content measurement
Main Applications:

  • Congested urban environments including busy Construction sites
  • Basements, inside walls of building and sub-surfaces
  • Mining and Quarries
  • Locations with small deployments and/or widely separated
  • Those where mains power possible
NB* Shorter aerials also allow additional protective covers for tough environments (e.g. trackbed)

Product Range

Senceive’s family of wireless sensor units equip companies with the capability of efficiently and easily monitoring their infrastructure. Our systems provide the Rail and Construction industry with reliable, easy to deploy and cost effective monitoring solutions. They need little installation labour or technical know-how and requires little ongoing support. You do not need to be an expert to deploy, as they are designed to be installed by anyone with a few minutes of instruction. They are highly flexible, and scalable and extra units or even sensor types may be added at any time when additional or unforeseen further monitoring requirements are presented. You just take them to site and they will join the network automatically.

The sensor nodes are readily capable of interfacing with both analogue and digital sensor types, and to those providing a simple voltage output.

The sensor range includes easy IP68 rated, ‘plug and play’ connectivity to tilt and crack sensors, optical displacement sensors, temperature sensors and the full vibrating wire, millivolt per volt and RTD family of sensors with load, strain, water content etc., providing a complete solution.

There is a choice of platforms based on the nature of the physical environment, but in the case of our FlatMesh platform it also includes an intelligent 3G camera solution when integrated with other nearby sensors. This system allows automatic triggering of images based on real movement of nearby sensors. All this works within a mains power free/solar power environment, sending images back to our WebMonitor software and providing secondary corroboration of movement, so minimising site visits by engineers and speedier, real-time decision making.




Monitoring, data and knowledge are at the heart of making better decisions on assets. Understanding the state of an organisation’s assets facilitates efficient, economic and safe operations. Substantial economies can be gained by the Rail and Construction industry in being able to monitor and predict degradation, schedule remedial action or to react quickly to accidents.

Senceive’s core benefit to customers is in providing;

Safety Enhancing

  • Eliminating time on or near track / construction
  • Easy to install, set-up and use
  • Wire and a totally mains power free is available for FlatMesh™ systems

Minimal Whole Life Cost

  • Same units re-usable for multiple applications
  • Operational battery life of 12-15 years
  • Maintenance and calibration free
  • Reliable and proven over many years in field

Accurate, High Resolution, Stable and Repeatable

  • Only use high precision, stable sensors
  • Easy to use web based visualisation
  • Multi-level text and email alerts

Innovation and Intelligence

  • Innovate and collaborate closely with / for clients
  • Integrated and triggered imaging and wireless solutions
  • Intelligent solutions support decision making

Our systems are remotely configurable and customisable. They facilitate predictive remote asset knowledge and understanding to improve predictability ahead of failure…. assets can be repaired, replaced or maintained ahead of catastrophic failures.


Senceive has proven products that have been tried and tested both by ourselves and our clients in Rail and Construction over many years. Senceive solutions are ‘product accepted’ for use by Network Rail, London Underground and Tubelines, and are being deployed or used every week in one or other of their assets.

We have won many awards throught the past decade, including the prestigious International Tunnelling award for Product Innovation and the Monitoring Project of the Year in tandem with our clients. With our highly skilled team of developers we have been able to explicitly develop or customise solutions collabarively alongside our partners based on their or industry requirements for multiple sensor types, environments or conditions.

Our roots are in the monitoring of challenging rugged and demanding environment. These include assets for the Rail, Construction as well as Utilities and Mining Industries. These are based on improving the quality and reliability of data for those assets that are traditionally not easy to measure without regular human intervention/inspection or expensive or difficult to access and avoid wired or other visual based solutions.

These monitored assets include;

  • Trackbed: Cant and Twist, Longitudinal Settlement
  • Tunnels: Deformation, Longitudinal Settlement / Heave, Strain and Load, Roll, Crack
  • Bridges, Walls, Piles and Structures: Movement, Tilt, Crack, Strain
  • Earthworks: Slippage, Settlement, Ground Water
  • Mining, Energy Sector, Quarries and Dams: Tilt, Crack, Strain, Settlement, Slippage and more

All are typically deployed to help surveyors, engineers and assets owners, understand wear and tear and improve predictive failure and maintenance. There is huge versatility in the use of this technology and in Senceive’s core capabilities and we welcome the opportunity to explore any particular needs you may have beyond our core product offerings today.