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Partner Spotlight: GEO-Instruments

GEO-Instruments provides geotechnical, structural, and environmental monitoring services. The company helps owners, infrastructure operators, and construction engineers mitigate risk, optimize designs, and document regulatory compliance. Now in its 17th year, GEO operates from 12 offices across four US time zones.

In 2018, GEO signed an Empowered Partner agreement with Senceive, after testing several other wireless sensing solutions. The deciding factor was its sister company Getec's success with FlatMesh in UK. As part of the agreement, GEO invested in a sizeable inventory of sensors and nodes and sent five technicians to Senceive's offices in UK for technical training.

GEO markets Senceive products as part of its GeoCloud family of products. GeoCloud wireless sensors and nodes have been deployed on retaining walls, bridges, building facades, warehouse walls and roofs, surcharged embankments, tunnel linings, and more.

With extensive, hands-on knowledge of Senceive system capabilities, GEO-Instruments is well qualified to help customers choose the right sensors and nodes for their projects. The company maintains a large stock of Geocloud sensors and nodes ready for quick delivery and is able to offer real-time support to customers across the US.

For more information and to contact GEO-Instruments about Senceive’s technology for your application, contact them here.

Created on: Mon 23rd Nov 2020

Merchants bridge with GeoCloud tilt