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"Patch-scan" solution created by combining Senceive and Leica technology

Regent's Crescent Award win: judges commend the use of a bespoke solution for relaying tunnel monitoring data to remote users

It’s always interesting to read the judges’ feedback from awards entries. Following success in the Instrumentation & Monitoring category at December’s New Civil Engineer Tunnelling Festival, the report from the expert panel commended the monitoring approach taken to safeguard shallow rail tunnels located below the Regent’s Crescent redevelopment.  

They praised the bespoke solution that involved adapting sensor and communication technology in a challenging underground environment by combining different solutions to relay the data to remote users.  

Another bespoke solution was used above ground by combining Senceive and Leica technology to monitor sensitive buildings

The novel instrumentation approach in the tunnels was just half the monitoring story of this complex project, however.  Above ground, another bespoke solution was created to monitor sensitive neighbouring properties. By combining our wireless sensor technology and software from Leica, Murphy Geospatial were able to develop the innovative ‘patch scan’ solution, a method to measure displacement in three dimensions by defining small scan areas on three perpendicular surfaces. This has since been adapted by the industry in new specifications for large-scale monitoring projects, avoiding drilling holes into a façade and reducing installation times.  

This project highlights just one of the many successes of combining Leica and Senceive technology. With monitoring experts at SCCS now offering expert advice on combining Senceive wireless technology they are the UK’s one stop geospatial shop for the civil engineering, surveying and construction industries. 

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Created on: Wed 12th Jan 2022

Regents Crescent Award
Regents Crescent Award