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Q&A: When would you choose Mesh and when LoRa?


When would you choose Mesh and when LoRa?


The communication platform is the backbone of a wireless remote monitoring solution, and making the right choice is crucial. Our goal at Senceive is simply to offer the best solution for your project. That’s why we offer both an intelligent and responsive mesh platform, and a long-range LoRa based platform. 

The high frequency FlatMesh™ platform is your best choice for fast-response, self-healing and intelligent reporting from a dense network of sensors. That’s why it’s used on most rail and construction projects and is the technology behind intelligent monitoring solutions such as those used to provide early warning of railway earthworks failures.

Where sensor nodes are dispersed over a greater distance (up to 15 km), and fast reporting is not needed, a lower frequency LoRa-based solution will be used. That’s why our clients choose GeoWAN when they need the power to send data through obstructions such as buildings. 

Peter Graham, Lead Engineer - Software   

Created on: Wed 26th May 2021

Q&A Senceive Expert Answers
Q&A Senceive Expert Answers