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Senceive celebrates International Women's Day 2022

Senceive celebrates International Women’s Day 2022 by shining a light on some of the amazing women at Senceive and finding out a bit more how they contribute to the success of our company at all levels of leadership.


Meet Alexandra-Bianca Lefter, Customer Service Technician. Her team says she is their new rising star. Not only did she demonstrate commitment to her role by facing the personal challenge of moving to a new country by herself, but she is ‘breaking the bias’ by single-handedly taking on DIY challenges as part of this. She is a huge asset to the customer services team and helps support our clients.


Materials Manager Rugare Rose Sithole manages multiple projects and tasks daily and has been instrumental to our Operations team. She demonstrates ongoing commitment, determination and resilience in sourcing essential components and materials despite the current local supply chain pressures. And she does it all with a smile on her face!

Training Lead Samra Ali is currently carrying out all the behind-the-scenes preparation and planning of a new online training academy for our customers.  After being with Senceive only a little over a year, she has made huge progress in an online approach to our induction training, which now provides more accessible material to our partners and customers.

Laura Hetherington is very happy to be the first female member of Senceive’s Leadership team and, although only joining a few months ago, has been busy reviewing and updating company policies to offer enhanced maternity and paternity benefits, as well as demonstrating Senceive’s support of its employees by celebrating and acknowledging life events with personal messages and gifts.

Our product and partners marketeer Jacqueline Jenkin worked as an engineer for 10 years before she decided to change careers into the world of marketing. Her passion and knowledge of our wireless products enables her to deliver creative and engaging content. Combining her background in engineering with marketing, she collaborates with our many worldwide partners and distributors to support the growth of Senceive technology.

Tanya Anderson, our Project Administrator, provides structure and process to the customer order process, showing tenacity and determination to make sure new processes are followed. She single-handedly manages intricate sales order processes whilst managing very complex international logistics at the same time.

“I keep things clear and simple as no one likes complication. Processes are there to be helpful not hinder.”


We thank all the women at Senceive for their valuable contributions and celebrate all organisations who are making efforts to support women in the engineering and technology industries.


Created on: Thu 10th Mar 2022

Senceive International Women's day