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Senceive | SNCF Réseau – Working together to modernise French track monitoring

We are pleased to announce a two-year collaboration agreement with French rail infrastructure operator SNCF Réseau.

The exclusive agreement will see the organisations work together to define the requirements for using wireless sensors to monitor the condition of the French National Rail network. The team working on the project will analyse data from structural, geotechnical and track monitoring instruments installed at sites across France. SNCF Réseau aims to provide maintenance teams with continuous and precise condition information using technology that is simple to install, highly robust and requires minimal maintenance over a lifetime that could extend to 15 years.

The initiative forms part of the “Réseau haute performance” (High Performance Network) programme to modernise rail infrastructure and move towards predictive maintenance.     


For more info visit the SNCF website.

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Created on: Tue 15th Dec 2020

SNCF Senceive