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Sensor Interface Range

Our sensor interfaces enable users to integrate a wide range of Senceive and third party geotechnical and structural sensors into wireless remote monitoring systems.


These interfaces, and many of the sensors, have been developed by our technical team who continue to refine and extend the capability of the instruments.  

sensor interface range
sensor interface range
sensor interface range
sensor interface range
sensor interface range
Crack Sensor
Crack Sensor
Vibrating Wire

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Crack Sensor Node

The Crack Sensor Node is used to monitor structural movement including pile separation, crack movement and expansion joint movement.

Millivolt Sensor Node

The Millivolt Sensor Node enables a range of structural and geotechnical sensors to be integrated into a wireless remote condition monitoring system.

Other Sensor Types

Senceive has been involved in a number of funded projects that demonstrate the wide application of the technology across multiple sectors and environments.

PT100 RTD Sensor Node

The PT100 RTD Sensor Node enables precise temperature monitoring using a variety of sensors. 

Vibrating Wire Sensor Node

Our vibrating wire sensor interface enables high precision and low power monitoring of a wide range of structural and geotechnical sensors.