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Tilt Sensors

Senceive triaxial tilt sensor nodes are at the heart of most of the monitoring systems installed around the world by our partners and clients.

Reflecting a decade of continuous improvement, each of the many thousands of tilt nodes in use every day contains Senceive DNA. They are easy to use, precise and robust. They can be installed in minutes on virtually any surface, at any orientation. With ultra-low power consumption they can be left in-place for up to 15 years without maintenance.

Triaxial Tilt Sensor
NanoMacro Triaxial Tilt Sensor on Track
NanoMacro Triaxial Tilt Sensor
NanoMacro Triaxial Tilt Sensor sizes
tilt beam
Cliff face slope monitoring
Track monitoring
triaxial tilt
Tilt stake
triaxial tilt
triaxial tilt

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Nano Triaxial Tilt Sensor Node Range

Includes the Nano, NanoPlus, and NanoMacro Triaxial Tilt Sensor Nodes

Tilt Beam

The Tilt Beam is a lightweight, rigid aluminium beam that is used in conjunction with a Triaxial Tilt Node, a NanoPlus or a NanoMacro. 

Triaxial Tilt Sensor Node

The Triaxial Tilt Sensor Node is an extremely precise and exceptionally stable three axis wireless tilt sensor.