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The InfraGuard slope monitoring system is very turn-key and I’m impressed with the quality of the data. We have been very happy with the system and the service.

Jim Marshall
Control System Specialist

This implementation of the Senceive FlatMesh™ monitoring system to ensure the safety of an historic building demonstrates the value of this solution. The simplicity and speed of installation, remote access to data for an unlimited number of users, and the non-invasive method of installation make it perfect for historic structures.

Michał Dąbrowski
Business Development Manager, TPI

On a critical project like this, you need a robust system that you can trust. Senceive delivers this as our provider.

Thomas De Lamartinie
Senior Business Engineer

The wireless system provided great value in satisfying our regulatory concerns, as well as providing peace of mind to our engineers and ownership that the structure is being constructed in the safest way possible.

Josh Petersen, PE
Senior Resources Engineer

I haven't been back to site since installation as it's not been needed - which probably speaks volumes for the reliability of the tilt meters.

Andy Roberts
Managing Director

"Senceive really listens to what's happening on the ground and they're forming their solutions and improvements around the requirements of the Australian contractors, engineers and surveyors. We've been very impressed with that level of development. We've seen what's coming in the pipeline and we're really excited to see the releases over the next couple of years."

Cameron Waters
Business Manager

On behalf of James Fisher Strainstall and our clients at Network Rail, can I please say a big thank you to all at Senceive for getting the Crewe monitoring together late last week. It was successfully installed on track in the early hours of Sunday morning. Your speed in set up and delivery meant we could meet the short notice scheme and track possession requirements.

Dave Cousins
Principal Engineer

We were under tight time constraints to deliver a solution, so we needed something that was fast and easy to deploy. With this wireless system we were able to quickly install multiple sensors to measure lateral movements, as well as short and long twist, over 28 metres of rail track. The solution provided live reporting around the clock, as well as access to the data from anywhere with an internet connection, whether working from home or in the office.

Filipe Guerreiro
Survey Manager

Installation of the optical displacement sensors was very straightforward and only took a few hours.  We’ve had a few alerts, which provide an opportunity to check the cause.  Train traffic and construction work have not been disrupted.

Gagandeep Sihra
Project Engineer

We use a wide range of measurement systems, and we must have sensors we can trust. The sensors from Senceive have proven to be of very good quality. They can withstand ‘Norwegian conditions’ with periods of heavy precipitation and large temperature changes. They have a long battery life, are very robust and very accurate.

Lars Krangnes

Senceive are highly recommended. Excellent products and highly professional staff.

Andrew Jones
Market Development Manager

The teams at Senceive and Morgan Sindall were just so enthusiastic and committed to what they do. They love innovation and we see this as a big innovation in the rail industry for surveying and realtime monitoring.

Nick Giles
Chief Surveyor

They’ve been good at explaining and engaging and also listening to us about the kind of challenges that we face so through that relationship we’ve then engaged further, we’ve built up the knowledge of what is possible and worked together to come up with solutions to a range of different problems.

Keith Bowers
Former Head of Tunnels, London Underground Civil Engineering Group

They provide us an easy-to-place, accurate and reliable product to use and in addition to their 24/7 assistance we are 100% satisfied. Senceive rocks!

Panos Oikonomidis
Monitoring Advisor

With Senceive as a partner it was an easy task to introduce new monitoring solutions to our network and we were able to install and put the monitoring into operation in short time. It’s always good to have a reliable and highly flexible supplier like Senceive.

Markus Hinz
Project Manager Wireless Monitoring

Sending crews out to the site is costly and time consuming. It takes at least an hour of travel time to get to this section of the track and by the time the necessary approvals and so on are in place it would usually be 2-3 hours before someone is on site. Now we can monitor the site remotely via a web portal without going anywhere.

Terry Hodder
Project Engineer

We had visibility of the data on an ongoing basis, so we only needed to manually check on site once a week. Without Senceive, we would have had survey crews on site every day, so it saved Auckland Transport a lot of time and money. We were happy with the product and the data, and look forward to using it again on another job

Malcolm Dawson
Senior Surveyor

Our first Italian project with Senceive has been a success because of the great stability of the sensors and the quality of Senceive people

Simone Orlandini