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2021 - a year in numbers

A look back at an exceptional year of growth


It’s not been an easy year for any of us, but it has seen clients and partners around the world choose to address their challenges with Senceive's wireless monitoring on an unprecedented scale. As 2021 draws to a close we look back on another year of unrelenting invention and unrivalled support.


30,000 tilt sensors

Our technology is used by asset owners, contractors, professional surveyors and engineers around the world. Approved, accredited, and proven in the field, it’s the natural choice where long-term performance in critical applications is required. That’s why more than 30,000 of our tilt sensors were supplied in the last year. 

Users in 33 countries

With worldwide distributors and partners supporting their local customers, this year customers in 33 countries enjoyed expert support, ensuring the right equipment was used and that it was compliant with local regulations. 

2 Award Wins

The value of our solutions in making infrastructure projects safer and more efficient was recognised in three industry awards – with two more trophies added to the cabinet: Ground Engineering Magazine's Digital Innovation and NCE Tunnelling Festival's Innovation in Instrumentation & Monitoring.  These awards are great accomplishments for everyone at Senceive who played a part in the development of our products and innovative bespoke solutions.

80 staff based in 7 countries

The Senceive team continues to grow – we said hello to 28 new colleagues in 2021. The common theme linking all the new faces is service and support – from improving the technology, to speeding up delivery and advising on installation and use, its all about making the best monitoring solution even better. 

16 years of unrelenting invention

By both investing heavily in research and development and nurturing a culture of continuous invention, we are committed to develop smart technology that is focused completely on solving our clients’ problems.  This year we launched our newest product – NanoMacro, an ultra-long life, precise sensing and fast reporting tiltmeter with internal aerial and NFC compatibility.

2 platforms

Amongst all the numbers it’s easy to forget the great advantage that Senceive offers. Whereas other providers rely on a “one-size-fits-all” approach using either a mesh (star topography) or a LoRaWAN (point to point topography), we firmly believe customers should be able to use the wireless monitoring platform that is most suited to their needs. This means that for sites with a high density of sensors and fast, responsive reporting you can choose the FlatMesh™ platform. For more dispersed applications and where you need to send data through physical obstructions you can use the lower frequency, longer range GeoWAN platform. Most Senceive sensors and ancillaries can be used with either platform, meaning the choice really is yours. 

3 core values

Looking ahead, we’ll continue to focus on our core values: uncompromising products, empowering support, and unrelenting invention.  

In 2022 we’ll be striving for the same level of excellence whilst growing both existing and new client relationships, developing our products and demonstrating the versatility of our solutions across a wide range of assets. We look forward to working closely with you on that journey.



Created on: Mon 20th Dec 2021

2021 - a year in numbers